Designed for the most demanding applications and optimized for speech – the Sennheiser installation microphones.

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Down to the last detail

Great for both meetings and presentations, the SpeechLine Wired microphone series has been developed specially to deal with the spoken word and guarantee top-class speech intelligibility.

SpeechLine Wired installation microphones provide versatile solutions for a variety of audio situations, and can be integrated seamlessly into any environment where the spoken word counts.

  Down to the last detail
Made for the spoken word   Made for the spoken word

Retain every nuance of every vocal range – in any communication situation. SpeechLine Wired installation microphones guarantee top-quality audio and speech intelligibility.

Every model comes with RF shielding to prevent intermodulation effects with mobile devices.

Outstanding design

SpeechLine Wired installation microphones are built to impress, with a stylish, discreet design that fits seamlessly into any room. They can be used free-standing or permanently installed on tables and lecterns, or mounted unobtrusively on the ceiling.

  Outstanding design
Optimized for speech    Optimized for speech

SpeechLine Wired installation microphones are optimized for maximum speech intelligibility. They provide a clear sound and amazing quality, for any speech application and in any situation.

Simple integration, versatile setup

Sennheiser SpeechLine Wired installation microphones are compatible with all DSP systems, making them perfect for integration into existing AV environments. The series' modular principle allows you to adapt your solutions flexibly for any number of different requirements.   

  Simple integration, versatile setup
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