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Event & Room Scheduling
Get more done with Crestron Fusion™ intelligent meeting room solutions. This unified system lets users see room availability and reserve on location or online—including integration with your existing scheduling system—and define the perfect environmental setup in advance. Lighting, shades, AV equipment, and more can be customized when the room is reserved so meetings can start right on time.
Control & Automate
Create presets and automate events, such as end-of-day shutdown, with minimal effort using Crestron Fusion. Anticipate issues before they arise and even schedule routine maintenance at convenient times. The system can monitor room occupancy to automatically turn AV devices on and off throughout the day, maximizing efficiency. With everything connected, you get more out of the technology in every room and space.


Remote Help Desk
Servicing all of the AV, lighting, and building technology spread across a campus or global enterprise is simple with Crestron Fusion remote help desk technology. Provide real-time remote assistance and take control of AV devices to provide optimal technical support in all rooms, even with limited staff. Diagnose and resolve problems without disrupting classes or meetings, significantly reducing downtime.

Energy Tracking

Crestron Fusion™ is an intelligent energy management solution designed to make your business more efficient and sustainable. Its centralized environmental controls and live usage tracking provide a powerful real-time and historical overview of operations. See exactly what changes affect energy consumption with useful data analysis tools, and then maximize energy efficiency by selectively controlling lighting, HVAC and other equipment remotely.


Enterprise Building Management

Monitor and control all the lights, shades, HVAC and AV throughout your floor, building or campus with Crestron Fusion™. With everything connected, the system tracks energy usage and organizes all of your lighting loads, while providing in-depth historical data analysis that enables more effective planning and forecasting.

Adaptive Scheduling

Prepare meeting rooms in advance with Crestron Fusion, so they’re comfortable and ready at the scheduled time. If the meeting is cancelled, there’s no need to tell the room—when no activity is detected after the timeout period, Crestron automatically returns the room to a low-energy state by turning off lights, lowering HVAC, and adjusting other equipment.
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