84" Large Format 4K Professional Display | TH-84LQ70U

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  • High Picture Quality with 4K Resolution
  • High reliability with rugged design including protective front glass
  • Flexible installation support and system expandability

Panasonic is renowned for the highest quality imaging technologies that meet virtually any application and scope.

And to expand our lineup of professional displays we have introduced large-format 4K, the ultimate in image-critical technology. The Panasonic LQ70 Series 4K displays offer stunning image quality along with high reliability and easy installation to enable you to deliver breathtaking content wherever you need it.

Communicate with your customers through stunning 4k image quality

With approximately 8,290,000 pixels, or about four times the pixels of a full-HD display, images are incredibly detailed and true to life. And with an optimal viewing distance of 1.5 times the screen height, the LQ70 Series is an excellent fit for meeting rooms where images are often viewed up close, and for retail facilities where it can be expected to attract considerable attention.

  • Detail Clarity Processor3 upscales non-4K content, such as Full-HD and PC signals, into beautifully sharp, crisp images and motion graphics that are smooth and not blurry.
  • A 3D LUT (Look-Up-Table) developed for broadcast monitors enables stunning color reproduction in places ranging from low to high brightness.

Trust in technology that's highly durable and reliable

The LQ70 Series features protective, impact-resistant glass panel to allow safe, long-term installation in places with high pedestrian traffic, such as train stations, airports and shopping malls. The durable frame construction resists twisting and is ideal for rental applications, where the panel is frequently transported and installed.

  • Portrait installation displays a person in almost life-size dimensions and is ideal for fashion content as it faithfully reproduces the textures and colors of a model's clothing and accessories.
  • The LQ70 Series is capable of 24/7 operation—perfect for areas that require constant viewing such as transportation outlets and command and control centers.

Find it easy to install and expand

By mounting eyebolts to the installation holes and attaching hooks to the eyebolts, the unit can be easily moved and installed using a hoisting device.

What's more, existing Panasonic plasma professional display mounting fixtures can be used (103-inch/85-inch models), enabling the use of existing peripheral accessories and reducing the labor and cost of replacement.

The LQ70 Series also features a 4-input multi display function to easily toggle from a full-screen display to a 4-input multi display with a single press of a remote control button. This is ideal for checking details in various applications, such as videoconferencing, digital signage and surveillance monitoring.

Make the highest impact where you need it most

    For boardroom applications, nothing comes close to the large-format 4K image quality of LQ70 Series displays. It's an aspiring solution for upscaling HD videoconferencing, sharing documents and multimedia, displaying on a large screen documents heavy in text, such as spreadsheets, facilitating greater collaboration and enabling better decision-making through highly critical on-screen information.
    Deliver your message when, where and how it matters the most. Stunning LQ70 Series 4K displays are a compelling fit in a retail environment, where incredibly detailed signage can create an awe-inspiring, brand-immersive experience, attract and entice shoppers, spotlight new merchandise, promote sales and turn shoppers into immediate customers.
    The LQ70 Series is ideal for viewing high-resolution satellite imagery, to help manage industries that impact transportation, infrastructure, urban development, the environment and homeland security. What's more, the superior image quality can be essential for coordinating rescue efforts and disaster recovery, as well as military and DHS simulation technologies for learning, training, testing and mission rehearsal.
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Screen Size: 84"
  • Brightness (cd/m2): 500
  • Mounting: Landscape / Portrait
  • Built-in Speakers: Yes
  • DIGITAL LINK (HD BaseT): Yes
  • Protective Glass: Yes
  • SlotNX: Yes
  • Dimensions: 1949 x 1141 x 99 mm (76.7″ x 44.9″ x 3.9″ )
  • Weight: Approx. 238.1 lbs.
  • Application: Image Critical
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