The SMART Room System combines SMART's industry-leading interactive displays with Skype for Business, so that you can write over content, use touch gestures and get more work done during any Skype meeting.
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The features SMART from the competition:

  • Interactive Display
    The commercial-grade, HD/LCD display enables an unrivalled touch experience.
  • Enhanced Audio
    Up to 5 tabletop microphones can be connected, ensuring effective coverage and integrated speakers offer high quality sound.
  • Panoramic Video
    The HD camera has a 109 degree field of view that displays the entire room and adapts to any lighting condition.
  • Immediate Startup
    Equipped with Proximity Detection, the display turns on when you walk into the room and meetings are are loaded at the press of a button.
  • Interactive Sharing
    Enable dual touch and inking capabilities onto any application by plugging in a laptop and conducting a desktop share. 
  • Access the revolutionary Unbound
    Workspace from SMART Meeting Pro software, which lets you pan and zoom to any level of detail, whatever the detail and complexity of the content.
  • Administrative Console
    With its 11.6" display, the console has large touch points, which makes controlling the overall meeting easier without the need for a remote control.
  • SMART Services and Support
    Implementation and adoption consulting services ensure your SMART Room System is installed properly and is used effectively. Its reporting options give you detailed insight into system usage.

kapp iQ

  • Interactive Sharing. 
    No other Skype Room System allows you to ink on any industry application, not just Microsoft® Office.  
  • Seamless Integration
    The SMART Room System is the only Skype Room System that is manufactured and supported by one vendor.
  • Four Sizes
    The SMART Room System offers a range of configurations to suit any collaboration space 
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