Corporate Spaces

With everything from beautiful, intuitive user interfaces to sophisticated room control and audiovisual distribution, IMS Group has solutions that fit any space from the smallest huddle space to the most complex corporate boardroom. With the press of a single button on a touch panel or keypad, users can start their presentation. There is no need to worry about diming lights, lowering screens or turning on or off several pieces of equipment. All of that happens automatically.

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Corporate throughout the world leverage multimedia technology to enable employees to achieve their objectives productively and efficiently. 

Corporate Spaces:
  • Meeting Room
  • Conference Hall
  • Open Space
  • Cabinet
  • Workplaces
  • Lobby
  • Multipurpose Space

Multimedia systems for integrated: 

  • Sound systems (Audio Processing and Distribution);
  • Conference systems;
  • Videoconferencing;
  • Video displays (LED screens, video walls, Digital Signage);
  • Interactive whiteboard / tables / panels;
  • Presentation system:
  • Projection equipment;
  • System control and automation;
  • Navigation systems;
  • Security and accounting systems for workers.
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Each environment is an individual response, tailored to the brand, culture and goals of the organization. We look at each project holistically, designing and create smart spaces that empower people to excel each and every day.

AV seamlessly touches all layers within the building`s infrastructure to generate greater efficiency, optimization, wellbeing and sustainability