Multimedia education system includes all automation facilities, computer-assisted instruction and presentation equipment. It becomes more and more popular, because it organically consists of interactive board, document-camera, multimedia computer, visual presenter, and projector etc. Form a modern audiovisual environment for education.

Teachers can control the system according to lesson content via a touchpad and make full use of the benefit of modern AV equipments. It is applied to varieties of multimedia education, keynote speech, lesson study, public lecture, and presentation and entertainment etc. Activities.


Multimedia systems for integrated: 

  • Interactive whiteboard / tables / panels;
  • Background sound systems;
  • Videoconferencing;
  • Video displays (LED screens, video walls);
  • Interactive class schedule;
  • Interactive kiosk;
  • Voting and polling system;
  • Projection equipment;
  • System control equipment;
  • Navigation systems;
  • Security and accounting systems for students.


  • CoLearning;
  • Primary School;
  • Secondary School;
  • College;
  • Universities;
  • Learn Lab;
  • Project Team Room;
  • Training Room.
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Each environment is an individual response, tailored to the brand, culture and goals of the organization. We look at each project holistically, designing and create smart spaces that empower people to excel each and every day.

AV seamlessly touches all layers within the building`s infrastructure to generate greater efficiency, optimization, wellbeing and sustainability