Cheetah Energy Control

an asset for any professional kitchen

The unique Cheetah Energy Control system saves energy in professional kitchens. Cheetah can be used in all existing and new kitchens in hotels, residential care facilities, company kitchens and commercial restaurants. Implementation of this system results in considerable average energy savings of 40% on heated air and even 65% on electricity for kitchen ventilation systems!


Cheetah was developed by Quintex, a British company. Since 2017, IMS has been the exclusive supplier of Cheetah within Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. The system has now successfully been installed in over 3000 kitchens in 22 different countries.

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“We are delighted with the results of the Cheetah system. Since the implementation, we are saving over 60% on energy consumption and at the same time, improving the comfort level for our kitchen staff.” Pierre-Henri Bovsovers, General Manager Hotel Des Indes Картинка.jpg

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How Cheetah Energy Control works

Extract fans in professional kitchens often run at 100% capacity 24 hours a day. This is rarely necessary, as not all kitchen equipment is used at the same time or continuously. Cheetah Energy Control is equipped with optical and temperature sensors that detect the smoke and steam built-up in the extractor and the generated heat load during cooking. This data results in (existing or new) frequency drives being adjusted accordingly. This implies that the RPM for the supply and extract fans is automatically adjusted to the required capacity, maintaining or even improving the ventilation balance. The RPM will increase or decrease depending on the level of cooking activity. You can view the functioning and the savings of the system on a display. You can also (temporarily) adjust the ventilation manually during unexpectedly busy periods.

When there is little kitchen activity, the extract fan´s RPM drops to 40% of its normal speed. As a result, energy consumption will decrease from 100% to just 6%!

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Installing the system

Cheetah is installed by our professional technicians without any disruption of your kitchen staff. They install all components in the kitchen when the kitchen is not in use, even at night. The system is connected to existing frequency drives. If your installation does not have frequency drives, we will install them along with Cheetah. Cheetah can be connected to all existing building management systems (BMS).

Remote monitoring

After installation of Cheetah, we monitor the system using our unique and patented Data Logger. This allows us to fine-tune Cheetah's settings remotely to achieve the highest possible returns, and without compromising the working climate in the kitchen. Kitchen staff and clients see Cheetah as a great asset. Reduced nuisance and more accurate ventilation management create a better working climate in your kitchen.

Benefits of Cheetah Energy Control

• Saves energy immediately on heated air (40% to 50%) and electricity (60% to 70%);
• Short payback time: between 1 year and 3 years;
• (Remote) monitoring and management increase energy savings;
• Better working climate in your kitchen;
Cheetah supports your environmental policy and helps reducing your carbon footprint.

Your savings potential

Cheetah is worth looking into for everyone who has a professional kitchen. We are happy to perform an extensive technical survey free of charge to accurately determine what savings you can achieve.

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