Museums & Theaters

A museum’s and theater's mission is to educate and entertain visitors with vibrant sights and sounds. Multimedia solutions for Museums deliver an immersive experience that make a museum visit truly memorable for all visitors. From the lobby to exhibition spaces to special event rooms – and even in restaurants and gift shops.

мультимедийные технологии в музее



Multimedia systems for integrated: 

  • Background sound systems;
  • Audio/ virtual giud;
  • Video displays (LED screens, video walls, Digital Signage);
  • Interactive whiteboard / tables / panels;
  • Interactive kiosk;
  • Projection equipment;
  • Virtual scenery;
  • Stage light;
  • System control equipment;
  • Navigation systems;
  • Security and accounting systems for visitors.
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Each environment is an individual response, tailored to the brand, culture and goals of the organization. We look at each project holistically, designing and create smart spaces that empower people to excel each and every day.

AV seamlessly touches all layers within the building`s infrastructure to generate greater efficiency, optimization, wellbeing and sustainability